Successful Woman of the Month

The Struggle and Success Story of Kulsum Malik
(Written by: Anu Chaudhary)

Biyani Girls College has always reverenced the talent among the woman and believes in the rising power of the women of the India. The Kalpana Chawla Awards website is dedicated to the power of woman and it will also unveil the struggle and success story of successful woman in the society each month. This month we will share the struggle and success story of Kulsum Malik who is a Successful Entrepreneur of Rajasthan.

Her Childhood

Kulsum was born in 1954 to the family of nawabs, the royal family had its title of nawab intact with it but had lost all its power and wealth. Her father was dumb and deaf but god had gifted him with wisdom and farsightedness. He used to adore his youngest daughter the most among his eight children. He used to say that kulsum would be a queen one day. She would forge her own castle; she will earn her own identity and would rule her own empire. But it was hard to believe because the family was undergoing severe financial crisis at that time. After partition her family faced a tough time and her father had to sell his property to run the household expenditure. And the family was totally shattered when they lost the head of the family, Kulsum’s father died in an accident in 1960.

An accident with the fate of family: Struggle of little Kulsum

The mother was wretched for she had to take responsibility of four unmarried daughters and two unsettled sons. The mother used to send the children to missionary school because there was no fixed source of income for the family. She used to stitch clothes and earn bread and butter for the family. Kulsum was very shy and introvert child. Her pale face won’t let anybody know what was going in her heart. She had a heart of queen who used to discard her poverty and there was a fire in her to be successful and rich one day. She would not eat food that other siblings would eat happily at missionary school. She would just drink water and would promise her in heart that she would one day have everything that fate had deprived her today. Her determination would go even stronger when she would visit her uncle’s place at U.P. Her mother had four brothers and all were govt. officers. The family would visit them during the summer vacations. Little kulsum would become even sure that one day she would also have same prosperity and would give all comforts to her mother who had been born and brought up in a rich family. But her destiny changed and she had to struggle with each morning to get breakfast, each afternoon for the lunch and each night for the supper for her children. The poverty didn’t shake little kulsum’s dreams, it didn’t fill her heart with negative thoughts, it raged a fire in her to be independent, to be successful and she was secretly on the mission to get success. But she didn’t know how?

Accident that changed her life

Kulsum had a passion to be independent and she started stitching clothes and started earning money but her destiny was not to become a tailor. She met with an accident and her left hand got fractured. Kulsum was very disappointed as she had to sit at home and was not able to complete her stitching course also. This was the time when she read an article by Mrs. Singh in which she highlighted the fact that there is great scope in the profession of beautician. Kulsum was really excited because this seemed very interesting to her and it was something she always wanted to do. She went to them and joined the course with her fractured hand but couldn’t complete it as she couldn’t arrange Rs. 12, 00 for fees. The amount was as big to her as 12 lakhs in today’s world, but she had become proficient in the training of 6 month. After this she took up a job in Rambagh hotel and agreed on doing the job without any salary for initial 6 months.

Life started opening up

Kulsum started earning. Life was opening up. Though the salary was too little but it gave her sense of independent. She met her soul mate at her work place. She got married to Mr. Anil Malik in 1981. Her husband not only supported her but also helped her in extending her business. The couple has been a pillar of strength to each other. Their religious difference never came in their way rather it gave them tolerance and respect for both the religion.

Hard work and honesty brought her success

Kulsum worked hard to establish herself. She started with a small salon named Femina in 1978, this name was changed to Kaya Kalp in 1984 and today she has 11 centers in Jaipur. The journey was not at all smooth, she saw many up and downs and lots of obstacles came in her way. But she was determined not to give up. When she joined the hotel, lots of objection came from a family like how could a woman work in hotel; it is not a respectable place for a woman. But the support of mother was always there. Kulsum believes that it was a faith of her mother that gave her strength to reach to a place where she is today. She believes that updating yourself in profession is must for it keeps you ahead and competent. Today Kulsum is successful in terms of name, fame and money. But she is an excellent human being too who helps poor girls and gives training to SOS village girls free of cost. She says the success comes to those who toil and follow honesty in their life.

“The path of honesty and hard work always take you to Success.”